The architecture of Hotel Gentry is aiming to take urban living forward and push the innovation of sustainability. While this hotel is a renovation and has to take into account many construction factors, we have designed systems to reduce energy, water consumption, and added the use of more solar energy systems for the building.

For this project, we started by creating a floral and vegetated facade on the side of the building that has most sun exposure. This building envelope will let sunlight filter though the verdure and give a natural source of lighting for each of the bedrooms and balcony – thus, providing the occupants the practical benefit of shade and augmented natural space. On the first floor, the building touches the ground lightly with its clear glass window that creates no wall between the first level and the outdoor activity area and vegetation – a sense of openness that connects the arriving guests to the external green space around the hotel.

Less direct exposure to sunlight reduces the size of the air-conditioners and require less energy to cool the building. The owners also request the hallway between the rooms to not be air-conditioned but designed to be cross ventilated for the purpose of natural cooling.

As a measure to reduce water, a recycling water system is installed to collect water from showers and bathroom sinks. The recycled water mixed with rain water is used for the bathroom flush system and the drip irrigation system for plants.